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How To Avoid Losing Cash On Black Friday Deals

While Black Friday is a day to optimize the limited offers from leading stores to purchase what you could not afford at its regular price, it can be your bad luck day. Even after saving a lot on Black Friday deals, if you are not careful, you can end up losing your cash.

As a customer taking advantage of the massive offers, fraudsters also prepare to seize the opportunity too. Fake offers and coupons are some of the things you will witness on this prime day. So, what should you avoid to be on the safe side during and after the Black Friday Deals? Here they are:

Take your time to check on the discount

As you know, one of the surviving tricks in business is creating an illusion of customer’s mind. Though it is not a bad idea, sometimes it is misused. During the Black Friday sales, some stores will present you with offers showing fantastic discounts. For instance, a seller might be showing you that they are offering you a product at 40% discount. But in the real sense, you are purchasing it for the original price.

To avoid this, take your time to check on the displayed discounts. It is advisable to compare the discounts with another site to be sure they are real.

Always pay through sites with money back guarantees

One of the tricks fraudster use is to offer you incredible discounts on the online store platforms during the Black Friday sales. For instance, you can get an offer selling you a product whose price is $1000 at $100 or below. To make it hard for you to get back your money, they ask you to use payment channels that cannot reverse payments. If you are not concise, you can fall on this track and lose a lot of cash.

As such, always ensure that you pay through a payment system with a money-back guarantee such as PayPal.

Avoid the click and collect scams

Apart from the prime day conning, fraudsters extend their attempts to rob you off days after the Black Friday sales. For example, you can get a fake email designed as an original email from a company you use for shipping your purchases. In the email, the fraudster can pretend to be seeking clarification on your shipping address claiming that you made a mistake hence your deliveries will not reach you. Then they ask you to click a link to correct your information. Always avoid such emails.

Before you take any step to do what is being requested, contact your shipping company.

And that’s it.

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